Service Mind: Key for Better Bus Drivers in Bangkok

By Raksina Panitpongsri 56101010581 B03
21 November 2016
Bangkok, Thailand

It’s just service mind that Bangkok bus drivers should have.

Bus Stop at Victory Monument
Source: Post Today
Date: 4 October 2016

Nowadays, people have to risk their lives on the bus every day because of the careless bus drivers who never care about the passengers’ safety. They only think of getting more money. They always drive very fast and don’t wait for the passengers to get on and off the bus before taking off. It is a repetitive problem that hasn’t been solved for ages. Therefore, this problem should be solved otherwise how long will people have to risk their lives?

How dangerous are the buses in Bangkok?
It’s well-known that the accidents while commuting by bus always happened by the careless of the drivers. Here the list:

1. Reckless stop
When they stop at the bus stop and the passengers don’t completely get on or off the bus, they will drive off quickly. Moreover, sometimes they will stop at the middle of the street instead of the bus stop. The passengers definitely have to walk to the street to get on and the passengers on the bus have to get off the bus at the middle of the street too.

2. Reckless driving
Many bus drivers usually drive dangerously. They drive like they are the road’s owner because their buses are bigger than others then they will change lane anytime they want.

A photo grabbed from a video clip posted on Facebook shows a bus driving recklessly in Bangkok on Monday morning
Source: Sarayuth Yuth Aremeen’s Facebook (via Bangkok Post)
Date: 14 November 2016

You can see the full video Here

3. Reckless practice
Some drivers don’t close the bus’ doors. This can cause a great danger like people fall off the bus and died too.

Why is this problem still unsolved?
When an accident happens, the victim’s relatives will say that they want this to be the last case. However, I know it can’t be the last, as long as the drivers are still in a hurry and don’t care about their passengers’ safety. It will stay this way.

This problem hasn’t been solved for ages, but I can’t stand it. I really want a change. If it can’t be changed, how long and how much people have to risk their lives like this? I think it’s not too hard because we can have BTS and MRT that used so much money to build it, while this is just developing the bus why we can’t do it? It’s just that the people who are in charge of it don’t do something about it. They don’t pay attention to people’s complaints. They just listen and don’t do anything. That’s why the problem hasn’t been solved.

How to solve it?
1. Give them training about service mind
Firstly, I think if the bus drivers have service mind, they will see the passengers as their family. They will not only care about getting money, but also the passengers on board’s safety. Therefore, the bus drivers should be trained not only about driving skills but also service mind. Basically, the bus drivers should have knowledge about driving, bus engine, and bus maintenance. Anyway, they should not only have knowledge about the bus but also should have service mind. Bus driver have to drive for many people. They don’t just drive for themself. That’s why they have to
take responsibility of the passengers on the bus too. I am quite sure that when the bus drivers have service mind, they will not do careless thing.

2. Keep complaining
By the way, the passengers or other people can’t solve it. We only have to keep
complaining about the bad drivers and suggesting to Bangkok Mass Transit Authority how to solve it. I believe that if many people keep complaining, they will be annoyed and will try to do something to make us stop complaining. And the best way to stop us is starting to solve the problem.

Finally, I hope that this problem can be solved in one day. I am really yearning for taking a bus Thailand that is like the bus in Korea.

Thawatchai Dullayasutcharit. (2012). Bangkok Bus: A Problem that No One Solve It. (Online)
Bangkok Post. (2016). Reckless bus driver temporarily suspended, fined. (Online)

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