Campus Canteen: Let Me Put My Bottom Down

By : Pratthana Srilalai
Friday, November 25, 2016

Done your meal and leave a chair for those waiting


– A woman student is looking for a seat to have her lunch among a crowd of people –

Srinakharinwirot University Canteen – If you have ever looking for a chance to put your bottom on some chairs in a campus canteen on a rush hour like lunch time, but no seat, yes…we are friends.


Space problem in campus canteen

          After a tough class in the morning, it makes you hungry like you were starving for a month. The best way to heal you is eating delicious food as soon as possible. A place where be like your heaven is the canteen because it has various foods and the price is cheap.

– Numerous students in the canteen at lunch time –

But the paradise can become hell when you arrive and found that was full with crowd, and there was no space to sit for having lunch. While your stomach is still growling with hunger, you need to go to a 7/11 convenience store which is more expensive instead.


The cause

           It is not a big problem if everybody just come to eat, but it was big because when they finish, they do not leave the table for others. Some chitchat with friends like they are in their own home or some read a book like sitting in the library.


– When you already bought your meal, but cannot find a seat –
Make it right 

          If we call for only sympathy for people seems to be too abstract. The university can make it happen easily by providing staff to take care of the area inside the canteen. If they find people who do something else other than eating, they will go warn or invite them politely to continue their activity outside. This rule may not apply all day, but only in rush hour such as noon. I believe that this simple solution will help reduce or eliminate for sure and space will not be a problem anymore.


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