How to Cope with Grief

by Kadpot Hleekasem
Nov 26, 2016

Nobody is immortal.

That’s why we always face with death of people around us, our relative, our siblings, our parents or our influential people. If death slowly crawl to your beloved ones, you still get some time to accept that. However, if the death is sudden, what would you do?

We always have our own griefs, but not everyone can get pass through this.
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From a psychology website: PsychCentral, there are 5 stages of grief and loss in human: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Even though you don’t know about the topic is, I think these 5 words are familiar to some of you.

First of all, when you hear your worst news, the first thing your mind does is denial. Denial is a “defense mechanism” that buffers the immediate shock of the loss. After that, the intense emotion inside your mind will turn into anger. You’ll blame everything that make you face the loss like this. After you can calm from you anger, you will beg and prey anyone or anything that can make you escape from the frustration (which is called bargain stage). However, no one can help you avoid this, and you will be depressed. Depression is the hardest states to get through. If you can pass that, a worthy reward in acceptance stage is waiting for you.

The sooner you can get to the last stage, the better it will be to your life.

One’s death comes with many griefs. So, brace yourself for the loss.
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Department of Mental Health (DMH) announced several weeks ago about mental care after the passing of late king. DMH suggested 3L which is “Look, Listen, Link”.

Look is to observe person who want to mental health treatments urgently.
Listen is to pay attention to listen to mental patients with no bias inside.
And the last one, Link, is to help or treat the patients properly, or refer the patients to hospital if the symptom gets worse.

Remember, you can grief, but don’t let the grief ruin your life.

If you can’t recover from your grief, try consulting psychiatrists.
They know how to help you surely.
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