Grocery Paper Bags or Plastic Bags?

By Urairat Tinpayap

Srinakharinwirot University

 November 27, 2016 | Thailand


Which one can be more famous between grocery paper bag and plastic bag?

A grocery paper bag in Sweden – Photo by Conny Lonnberg

Have you ever seen brown shopping bags in a retro movie scene? If you think grocery paper bags can be popular again in Bangkok, the environment will be much cleaner.

I’ve gotten an inspiration after I watched a Vlog of an Italian Youtuber, CutiepieMarzia. During her vacation in England, she talked about British products and shopping malls. Suddenly, she went out the stores with few brown paper bags, held them in her arms, which look classic. I researched the environment policy in the UK, concerning about plastic pollution; what a lovely country!

Marzia holding a grocery paper bag

“Shoppers are charged 5 £ for every new plastic bag they use at large stores in England. Ministers think introducing a 5 £ charge will stop shoppers using as many new bags, and encourage people to re-use old ones.” (Dominic Howell, 2016: online) This is why most of big stores in England provides grocery paper bags to wrap products.

Plastic bags throughout Bangkok

Something nice to the environment should be started by the new generation. Therefore, big shopping malls in Bangkok; Siam Paragon, Central World, The Mall and so on ban plastic bags then use grocery paper bags instead. It might be a new trend; however, plastic bag factories might oppose the trend because of the commercial benefit.

I couldn’t agree more that providing grocery paper bags is old-fashioned. On the other hand, it’s an indirect way to encourage Thai people to take care of the global warming. Shopping malls’ or supermarkets’ marketers should be generous enough to cooperate with saving environment policy.

This is my first inspirational article to encourage people to save the environment.

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References: The 5p plastic bag charge: All you need to know and Assignments


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