How to Make Selling Easy

Bangkok, Monday, November 21, 2016

Conquer your fear of selling with relationship building

By Passakorn Ongvongsakul

If you begin a career in sales, it may make you embarrassed, and nervous as you don’t know how to deal with it. Want to know something about it? Stop thinking about selling first and start thinking about helping. Better yet, make sure you are a good friend to your client in just 3 steps.

  1. Offer to help.

            If you don’t know how to start talking to a customer, think what impress your friend. Start with help is the best way. For example, begin the situation with “Hi, Can I help you?” or when you see when your customer is looking for something, you can say “If you’d like me to help, you can ask me,” or “let me know if you have any question.” Now you should think you are a helper or friend, not a salesperson. If you are in a selling mode it may not help you get rid of your fear. But, if you are friend you won’t be too afraid.


A salesperson offer to help customer about product.


  1. Be sincere.

            After beginning a dialogue with your customer, now you will talk about your product to convince your customer to get your best product that suits them. But wait, before telling the info to your customer, you are sure that is the truth about your product. A sincere friend is one who gives without expecting anything from you in return. Don’t ever think about lying because once you lie, you’ve lost all credibility. Even if the product you sell does not belong to your company, but if it’s good for your client; I think you have to advise them. And you should tell your client about your related product, the client will know your sincerity.


A salesclerk advises a customer choose an appropriate product.


  1. Be a good listener.

            Think when you have a problem who is the friend you will talk to, it is the friend you trust that he or she understands you and pay attention to listen to you. In the same situation when your client does not know something or have a problem about product, active listening is an ideal technique for you. You have to listen to your friend, understand what they’re saying, and respond with a brief summary of what they’ve just said. It shows you are a good listener, and the client will trust you like a true friend.


A salesclerk pays attention to listen to his customer.


When you follow the above steps, you will be able to establish a good relationship with your client. Just think of friendship. Eventually, selling will be easy for you if you are a good friend.


Reference: Passakorn Ongvongsakul




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