November 28, 2016

Writer: Pattawarin Roongrueng


Let’s Help Thai Rice Farmers

The rice price is at the lowest in decades.”

Rice exports situation are in trouble. Thai rice farmers are facing crisis.

Farmers are feeling the despair of the rice price that decline to five baths per kilogram. Owing to the perspective of worldwide economic condition downturn and the price of neighboring countries which are the rival in rice export marketing such as India and Vietnam, is lower than that of Thailand.

The government’s plan to solve this situation by paying the interest compensation and the warehouse rental.  Thai Rice Exporter Association is proceeding to buy jasmine rice 200,000 tons for stocking 3 months in market price and expect to support price, including finding new rice export market. Especially in the United States, Singapore and Hong Kong buyers that are prepared to buy grain during the Chinese New Year. Nonetheless, there are changes in some quarters.
As a new generation who maybe doesn’t have many chances in agriculture, we should not ignore this problem. We can figure in helping people who are affected by using creativity for value-added to the rice. Currently, creative people gathered on social network volunteers to assist the rice farmers by designing graphic, logo, package, banner and mascot for free.




(Supawadee Wichai and Tae Noppadon post on Facebook for helping Thai farmers) 



4(Comacomi .studio designed a rice packaging)

Moreover, to promote online is a good way to support rice farmers because they could not do it themselves. We can create a website that showcase a product from rice farmers directly to worldwide. Processing rice is also an opportunity to increase the product’s price and it’s a way to hasten releasing of remaining rice and new rice in stock.


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