Heartwarming Winter: Give sweaters to warm them up.

By Maytitip Silprasit
November 28, 2016


Let’s donate sweaters to warm Hilltribe people.

The weather keeps changing nowadays. The North of Thailand will be colder than usual. The Hilltribe people who live in the north have to fight with the cold weather because they don’t have enough clothes and blankets. They have just little bonfire to warm them up. But YOU can help them from this winter!! 


Children warm themselves with little bonfire.
Photo source: http://www.prachatalk.com/webboard/

How cold is it ?

The winter in Thailand is generally from November to February. The north is the coldest place in Thailand and it gets colder every year. On a really windy cold night it is about 4-6°c and this year might be colder than last year. In the mountain, temperatures are a few degrees lower than in the city.


The hilltribe children wear their tradition clothes
Photo source: http://www.siamfishing.com/board/view.php?tid=672067

Can we do to help ?

Thailand, there are many people who live in the hill for a long time and we called them ‘The Hilltribe people of Thailand’. Often times, we hear the news that someone died from the cold weather because they don’t have anything to keep them warm. Most of them don’t have enough money to buy new clothes or blankets as we know. I think if we have old sweaters or blankets we can give them to the Hilltribe people. We made this project from our heart and you can be part of it. You don’t need to give them yourself (it might be too far), just contact the Mirror Foundation (Chiangrai) and they will give them before the winter comes.


After the project, Children have enough sweaters.
Photo source: http://pantip.com/topic/31453653

Please contact :
0 – 5373 – 7412-23


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