Danger of Pet Birth Control

By Prisana Nakarawarakul
November 29, 2016

Photo by Prisana Nakarawarakul

If you don’t want your dogs or cats to have a cutie little fluffy baby, take it to neuter and gave no birth-control shots!

As a human, of course, there are alternative ways for us to protect ourselves when we want to “have some fun” without worrying that we have to welcome adorable baby in the next 9 months. One of very popular methods is birth-control shots which gives a very effective result in a very cheap price. It is really effective (well…for human) that some people think it will work for their dogs or cats. It is absolutely wrong. Birth-control shots are the hazardous treat for your pet’s life.

Why a birth-control shot is dangerous for cats and dogs?

According to the interview with Yada Nakarawarakul, a veterinarian, she said that there are 2 possibilities; 1. Your pet gets a shot after getting pregnant and 2. Your pet gets a shot and is not pregnant.

When your pet get a shot after getting pregnant, hormones in a shot will mock its body to believe that it is pregnant all the time. It makes your pet has a never ending pregnancy, then its baby is going to die in the womb. It needs a C-Section to save its life.

Photo: fetal death of a cat that got birth control shots, http://www.rakmaw.com/

If your pet get a shot and is not pregnant, do not think it will be better than when it’s pregnant. Hormones in a shot also going to mock its body to believe that it is pregnant, too. Even worse when the hormones get mix in with bacteria in a uterus, causing infection called “Pyometra” that makes its uterus bloated and full of abscess.

Photo: bloated belly dog and cat causing by birth control shots, http://www.phnompenhpost.com/ and http://www.rakmaw.com/

Both case need a surgery to save your beloved pet’s life, but there is an extremely high chance that it will die and can cause your pet cancer, diabetes and many other symptoms. Also a surgery price may cost you possibly 10 times more than birth-control shot price. It is not worth doing at all, isn’t it?

How can you prevent your pet from getting pregnant?

Get it neutered. Tadaaaa. It is not even a new method. It is the same one that many people know but think it too expensive. So they take their adorable pet to get birth-control shot and then have to do surgery after taking those shots which is even more expensive than neutering. Wow…mega clever.

A veterinarian prepared to operate a neuter surgery for a dog, http://www.advocacy.britannica.com

Neutering, for male pet, is called castration – done by removing all of its testicles. For female pet, is called spaying – done by remove the ovaries and uterus.

What neutering will give you and your pet?

Photo by Prisana Nakarawarakul

Not only prevents your pet from unwanted pregnancy, neutering also lower unwanted behavior, for example, spraying the urinate, mating call and reduce aggressive behaviors especially in male pet that love to fight each other all the time. Moreover, it can reduces the risk of diseases from your pet particularly sexual transmitted disease in cats

How to get your pet neutered?

When your pet reach to the age of 4 months and you want no more kitten or puppy, take it to a vet. It will cost you around 500 – 1,200 baht for one, depends on your pet’s weight and no water or food for your pet 12 hours before the surgery. If you think it is too expensive, you can take your pet to charities such as Soi Dog, Santisook Dogs and Cats, or any Department of Livestock Development in you province, they provide your pet a free neutering, vaccines and some good advices for you to take care of your best friend. About the healing process, it will take time around 1 – 2 weeks. All you need to do is making sure that the wound is closing properly and preventing your pet from an extremely or sudden movement in a first few days.

Photo: http://chucks-fun.blogspot.com/2014/10/dogs-15-images.html

Neutering maybe take a few more process than a birth-control shot, but it is the best and safest way to take care of your pet. Do not be a “penny wise and pound foolish” kind of person. It is not worth it. And it is even worse for your pet, who is your best friend to suffer from thoughtless decision that you have made. If you get this message, please do it and share it to your friends, your family and everyone, so they can understand how dangerous of using a birth-control shot in dogs and cats.

*You can contact me via this e-mail: prisana.nakarawarakul@gmail.com or Facebook*

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