SWU Waste Segregation

By Nisakorn Chimmee
November 30, 2016

(Trashcan at 14  building area)

How good if SWU supports waste segregation following color’s trashcan for solving a waste problem.

Srinakharinwirot University (SWU) is one of the universities that see the importance of waste segregation. You can see it everywhere in SWU such as the14 building area or each floor of Faculty of Humanities. SWU is a good role model because it encourages students to participate in waste segregation, by using a text and a picture on trashcan. Moreover, there are examples of each type of waste above the trashcan so that people can understand the type of waste clearly. So, waste collection is very simple.

(an examples of each type)

The meaning of trashcan color code


Green trashcan is organic waste that can be used in composting, such as vegetables, fruits, food and leaves. Yellow trashcan is recycling biodegradable waste that can be recycled or sold such as papers, metals and plastics. Blue trashcan is recycling non-biodegradable waste such as plastics or foam box.  Red trashcan is hazardous waste that is dangerous to human and environment such as fluorescent bulb and battery.


Before you litter, please think about the type of trash because it can help you classify the waste. Furthermore, waste segregation not only decreases the number of waste but also helps solve overflowing waste problem. If you are always aware of waste segregation, first reduce waste because some waste may not only be reused and recycled but also can be sold. Second is reducing the government budget. If there is less waste, that means we can reduce the budget too, and this money can be used to improve other parts. Third is promoting tourism. If you have a good waste segregation system that shows the effectiveness of our country, it is a part of induce tourism. Last, air pollution, polluted water or other environment problems will be gone because we can fix the problem quickly from waste reduction. All of this make life so much more efficient and will make the world more livable.

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