Let’s Ease Traffic Jam With Carpooling

 by Ratchadaporn Tharearum

Bangkok, Thailand

December,3 2016

Imagine a day without traffic in Bangkok



Every day, people in Bangkok must endure traffic jam, especially during rush hour. Traffic jam has many disadvantages and carpooling is one way that can solve this problem.

Bad traffic, bad quality of life

The traffic jam is a problem that bothers many people today. In 2015, Bangkok has been held to rank in the top two of the most traffic jam in the world, Second only to Mexico City in Mexico. The cause of traffic jam in Bangkok is the increasing number of vehicles. Statistics from the Department of Transport on February 29, 2016. A total number of vehicles registered in Bangkok are 9,096,936 cars. The number of cars has resulted in the problem of broadly traffic jam in Bangkok. Traffic jam also causes problems such as the increase of carbon dioxide that leads to global warming, country lost resources, no time for family, and wasting fuel.



The way to alleviate traffic jam

There are many ways to reduce the traffic jam such as using public transportation, walking to the nearby places, and carpooling.



What is carpooling?

Carpooling is sharing of car so that more than one person travels in one car. This is one way to alleviate traffic jam because it reduces the number of cars on the road. It can also reduce the carbon dioxide in each day too. Another reason of carpooling is saving fuel. If you get stuck with the traffic for a long time, it will be a waste of fuel. And also helps reduce the loss of the country’s resources too. You will have spent more time with your family. More importantly, you also have a fellow traveler. You will not be lonely throughout the way for sure.

The traffic jam will have more affect to us if do not solve it now. We should begin to change ourselves by carpooling and recommend to others too. The traffic problem in Bangkok will be reduced and will eventually disappear.



https://data .go.th/DatasetDetail.aspx?id=21372366-e78b-4d4a-b040-8a702ecedd5f

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