Lazy Exercise to Get a Hot Body

By Wananya Tantiniyomkul

December 4,2016

Bangkok, Thailand

1The Easiest Routine to Make You Stay in Shape

Standing in front of a big mirror, I moaned to myself.

“So fat! I must do something.” I said these exact same words for a thousand times.

Then I laid in my bed and nearly fell asleep ready for another dream again.

Suddenly, I opened my eyes, jumped up, and continued with the most boring thing in my life.

I’m the laziest girl who has a lot of fat around stomach, thigh, and so on. I’m not fat, but also not in shape. I believe most girls still make many excuses, like I don’t have time, I’m very very busy, or I don’t have running shoes, to give excuse to their laziness. Today, this lazy girl will share the easiest exercise to make your body healthier.

Visualize yourself thin

First of all, the most important step is to prepare your mind. Your strong will and mind will help you keep continue your weight loss mission. Another effective method is changing environment. I start changing every little thing around me to get an inspiration. For example, I always hold my smart phone for checking news, reading cartoon and etc. Therefore, I change my home background into women with six packs or sexy model. This really boosts my mind, and makes me want to exercise. In addition, I love following the healthy and exercise pages on Facebook. I usually press Facebook icon every time I am free, so I inspire myself by making over my favourite applications to healthy source for learning some tips to get fit.

 2Cooking time

Have you ever heard this sentence “You are what you eat.”? Food helps you lose weight more than exercise because your body needs useful nutrition to build muscle. Moreover, you can avoid bad fat which directly affect your body. Here’s what I do:

First, I look up for some healthy menus from the pages that I follow on Facebook. There are many delicious recipes, so I choose an easy one and adapt some ingredients. Second, I study about healthy ingredient and cookery. The useful ingredients which I always have in my refrigerator are 5-colour vegetables, chicken breast, fruit, and greek yogurt. You can buy more, but always buy the ones that have good fats such as coconut oil, almond milk, and nuts. My regular cookery is steaming and roasting to avoid oil. If you want to fry chicken or some meats, you should use oil spray or Teflon pan.


Eating a lot of excellent food will not immediately make you slim unless you work out. I have 2 types of exercise that I have done in a week: long-hour work out and in routine.

I do the long-hour exercise 2-3 days per week. This can help you speed up Metabolism. I switch between Cardio and weight training because playing this duo together has perfect result. Cardio helps burning your fats and weight training tones your shape. Example of cardio is running, biking, swimming and so on.


Isometric Exercise

My second work out is very easy and use a short time in days. I make my normal day to be big exercise hours. For example, I always fall asleep when I stand in BTS every morning, so I think to do little work out like Isometric exercise, which use contracting and don’t use big space. I contract my belly, inhale deeply, hold it, count 1- 10 and exhale slowly. It really works! My belly is smaller. Additionally, walking is an activity you can do anytime and anywhere. While I am walking, I squeeze my butt and thigh at the same time. Both butt and thigh will be fit.

I believe everyone can do it. These ways are quite easy, aren’t they? You can be lazy as much as you want, but you must remember “What you want you must do it and will get it yourself.” Last advice that I can tell is keep your mind strong as rock and try to make it daily. Get up! Let’s move your body!



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