5 Must-have 35 mm film

By Variya C,  BKK
December 5, 2016
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Getting back to analog with mysterious outcome of films. I provide a list of the best 5 film rolls that I personally recommend from my own experience.

                 Films never die. Film has a very unique style, spending much time in every process so the outcome has more identity that differ from digital. Everybody thinks film is going to disappear, but nowadays there are more and more people who using film, said Phongtorn Mongkolthanapan, Film photographers.

                 Genius photographers make a film photography boom in recent years, which can be found in reviews, websites, Facebook etc. Each film has a unique; there are colors and tones that Lightroom or Photoshop cannot create. This is only in analog that you will never be able to achieve in digital.

Here are the top 5 films all pro film photographers must have.

Kodak colorplus 200
Type: Color negative film
Price: 95 Baht

F2.8 ISO200  Photo by Pearyyj

F2.8 ISO200  Photo by Pearyyj

Kodak Color Plus 200 is the cheapest film and easy to buy. The photos come out quite well. The film is characterized by a very sharp image with fine grain, natural color saturation and wide exposure latitude. Kodak colorplus 200 should be used for outdoor area to shoot for landscape or portraits.

Kodak Ektar 100
Type: Color negative film
Price: 230-250 Baht

Oslo,Norway  Photo by usamljeniparazit
Oslo,Norway  Photo by usamljeniparazit

This film really works for all situations especially view and landscape. Ektar is very good greens and reds. It is a super fine grain color film (someone doesn’t like it because it looks too digital) Kodak Ektar loves light, so it is suitable for shoot it on a blue sky day.

Fujicolor C200
Type: Color negative film
Price: 125 Baht

F2.8 ISO200  Photo by Pearyyj
F2.8 ISO200  Photo by Pearyyj

Fujicolor C200 is a budget-priced film like Kodak color plus 200.This film features is natural colors, the grain is not annoying; grain, sharpness and color rendition are all together excellent. C200 good in most photographic situations and suitable for outdoors.

Kodak Portra 400
Type: Color negative film
Price: 250-300 Baht

.  Photo by longhoho
.  Photo by longhoho

Portra 400 an excellent film. It gives warmth and beauty all of speeds renders skin tones beautifully with well-balanced contrast, color, and clarity. It’s certainly very fine-grained. Portra suits to shoot portraits, snapshots can even capture night-time street scenes.

AGFA Vista 200
Type: Color negative film
Price: 150-180 Baht

F2.8 ISO200  Photo by Pearyyj
F2.8 ISO200  Photo by Pearyyj

AGFA Vista film gives more saturated colors, bias to yellow and red tones. This film is a daylight-balanced color negative stock with fine grain, excellent sharpness, a wide exposure latitude and natural skin tone reproduction.  AGFA suitable for the occasional user, night photograph and snapshots.






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