Motorbiketaxi Should Be Banned on the Sidewalk

We must cooperate to protect the pedestrian’s right

By Sirada Sukaya 592
December 5, 2016

In front of Big C supermarket, Ratchadapisek  photo by Sirada Sukaya

Senior students at Language for careers, Srinakharinwirot University (SWU) will organize a campaign on the “No Bike Ride on Sidewalk” around the SWU on December 17, 2016 with the objective to reduce the motorbike taxis riding on the sidewalk, so people can walk on the sidewalk safely.

People who usually walk on sidewalk must face a problem that make them feel nervous while they are walking along sidewalk because many motorbike taxis use it as their path. Moreover, there are a lot of problems, for example, accidents, quarrel caused by the motorbike taxis.

We want to solve this problem. Therefore, they start to organize a campaign named “No Bike Ride on Sidewalk” to stop motorbike riders on sidewalk.

In front of Srinakarinwirot University, photo by Naipak Hatthapan

The campaign begins on December 17, 2016. It starts by providing stickers that is emblazoned with no bike riding symbol to 40 motorbike riders around Srinakharinwirot University area. They must stick the sticker on their helmet. If people walking on sidewalk see the motorbike riders having this stick ride on the sidewalk, they can report to the police and the rider must pay the fine. Every month we will give a gift certificate to the motorbike rider who complies to our campaign in order to support and encourage them.

This campaign is very useful for people who usually use the sidewalk around Srinakharinwirot University. They can walk along the sidewalk around there safely. Moreover, they can protect their human right because the sidewalk is part of everybody. Finally, this campaign will succeed if every people collaborate and support it.



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