Planting Forest. Cleaning Fresh-Air. Living Forever by World Care Organisation

by Papada Kwaengjak, Srinakharinwirot University 

December 5,2016

Forest Lungs of Earth

We hope this planet will be filled with the green tree in all area like the lungs that are filled with fresh oxygen.

Deforestation occurs primarily from human activities, such as agriculture, logging and making wood products. The increase of deforestation is higher in every year. Moreover it is almost estimated over 80 percent of forest fires are caused by human activities. Some animal species may live around the area after a fire, but others require a natural forest to survive, including human. This is the reason why people should be concerned about these problems. We should get up and do something to save the world and preserve it as long as we can.

World Care Organization or WCO is based in Thailand set up for supporting environment of the world. “Planting forest. Cleaning fresh-air. Living forever by WCO” is a big project that cooperates with government and cares about green places in all area of Thailand, which slowly decrease in everyday. So we want to make up all loss forest as much as we can by distributing young plants to every district office or school as the same way as election. People have to sign the name before take a young plant: one young plant per person. Then people can plant it around their houses, public zones that cooperated with WCO and prepared zone nearby their living areas. We will start the project on 5th December 2016 by contributing many young plants to Bangkok and the neighborhood area first, and we hopefully contribute young plants to all provinces as soon as possible. We expect that 1 year Thai people can plant over 1 million trees.

“When we plant trees, we plant the seeds of peace and the seeds of hope.”


Young Plants

This project would not work if we don’t get any cooperation from you all. Please help the world and join us. This is an activity which will create history by an action from your conscious that show how much you care about the world. The act of selecting, planting and caring for a tree can also send a powerful message that you care about the environment. These acts are good ways to bring people together and focus on environmental issues.




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