Reuse a Cup, Reduce Waste

Bring your own cup for your daily coffee

By Ploychompoo Yooktajaroonphong

December 5, 2016

   “Coffee shop business has mushroomed in Thailand over few years.”                  Source:

          Nowadays, coffee shop business is very popular so it causes a high competition among the sellers. Therefore, each seller often finds new strategies to catch customer’s attentions and increases their sales volume. One of the strategies is designing coffee’s package to encourage a customer to buy a coffee. Even though it sounds interesting but most of these packages are difficult to degradation. Especially, coffee in a paper bag that is a well-known package among coffee seller at this time.

                     “Coffee in a paper bag”                    Photo by Thanatcha Tankittiworakul

The process of making coffee in a paper bag is that the sellers will put the coffee in a plastic bag and seal it with a rubber band. After that, they put the plastic bag into the paper bag to keep the coffee cool as long as 6 hours, and also put it in another plastic bag again to make it easier to hold.

According to the research from Pollution Control Department (PCD), coffee in a paper bag contains 0.2 kilograms of waste per 100 sets. On the other hand, other normal packages contain 0.1 kilograms of waste. This research shows that the process of making coffee in a paper bag increases a large amount of waste and also effect on the environment because the paper bags have humidity so it is difficult to recycle.

“Say no to plastic cup and bring your own cup to the coffee shop instead.”       Photo by Pitchaon Kraiwong

         From this point, I decided to begin a campaign for reducing the waste from coffee in paper bags. You can be a part of this campaign. Just bring your own cup to a coffee shop instead of getting a cup from the shop. You will see that is an easy way to help reduce the waste. You can do it yourself. Moreover, to make this campaign effective, just tell your friends, classmates, colleagues, or family to do this. The more you spread this campaign, the more you save the earth.

You can contact me via email: or Facebook


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