Dating Like a Dude

Suggestions for females to stay on top of dating games

By  Normai 

Do you ever catch yourself getting too serious about  simple stuff & you just take a step back & sit down like “Girl, what’re you doing? “

The modern world of dating is easier than ever before—we can text or video call our prospective girlfriend/boyfriend through the phones. That is how you start being your own worst enemy when it comes to handling the ups and downs that dating throws at you.



Have you ever waited for that guy to text back….?      

And he never did, or read but no reply….!                                                                                      



Ask yourself why you should spend 10 minutes writing a text that he won’t think twice about? It is not worth your time. Keep it simple. I am not saying that to be mean – I am just trying to give you clear insight into how to save yourself from the headache.




  • Don’t be so hard on yourself – “If it’s meant to be, it will be.” No expectation and full of surprises is how life should be.
  • Stop trying to control everything– just see where things go, shrug things off if they don’t work out.
  • Pay attention to the energy you attract –if you notice a continuous pattern of bad vibes in your space, just leave.
  • Don’t be exclusive (until it gets serious) –there’re plenty of more fish in the sea but remember that not every fish is for you.    




Unnecessary stress leads to breakdowns and breakouts. There is nothing more important than your mental health. Stop trying to make things better with people who obviously do not show any interest in you. Your energy is valuable and you should only share it with those who appreciate it. Remember that it is just another step toward finding something more meaningful.

If they will not work for it…..

They do not really want it…..



Apinya Seewarapinan– Normai  

HM-LC    56101010598

Facebook: /normai21



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