Eliminate plastic bottles by using thermos bottles

  By Wanpisa Sokano 585 December 7, 2016

we can change boring plastic bottles to thermos bottles in  your style.

Photo by  Mallika Kaewhan
Plastic bottles become waste in the world so we make a campaign for reducing plastic bottles. We encourage everyone to use a thermos bottle instead of plastic bottles.

Reasons to use a thermos bottle instead of plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are one of the top five in waste that are left on the beach because plastic bottles are cheaper than thermos bottles. But If you buy a thermos bottles once, You’ll save the cost of having to buy plastic bottles every day. It also helps you avoid toxins in plastic bottles as well and plastic bottles used many times as a result of cancer.

Why plastic water bottles can cause of cancer

Plastic bottles, especially polycarbonate plastic. When a cold or fever, a bite or scratch hit will release a carcinogen group BPA (Bis-phenol A), a chemical found in food packaging and drink made out of plastic.*
Photo by  http://women.thaiza.com/

The problem of plastic bottles at present

At present, there is more plastic that has become part of everyday life both medical and construction or packaging due to its durability lightweight.

We think that plastic makes simple life easy at present. We do not realize that plastic is used once and then discarded. But it is hard to degrade and this is bad for us and environment. We are thinking of buying a thermos bottle once that can reduce the cost of buying plastic bottles many times.

We know thermos bottles are also more expensive than plastic bottles but It is a worth the investment.

Photo by Wanpisa Sokano

 Stop using boring plastic bottles

We make the campaign for everyone to be bearing the thermos bottles instead of buying plastic bottles. You can create thermos bottles by yourself, that make your thermos bottles an interesting more plastic bottles. You can save the world and your expenses. 


Reference : MD. Krisda Sirampuch Director, Institute of Medicine sciences, International.*


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