Exit of Unreliable Bus Schedule


Exit of Unreliable Bus Schedule

By: Leoprach on December 7,2016
people ride a bus in Bkk #crdit-bbs.drama-addict.com/

2 Apps that save you time, money and the earth

Many people say no to bus because of its unreliableness. This problem is enough to their action. But now there are technologies to deal with the problem.

To use public transportation in a big city is good for both people and the environment. That’s why we have seen many developed countries have effective and various ways of transport, especially in Europe.

Although Thailand is not yet the developed one some group of people are trying to be like Europe. Now cityglide.com and BMTA application are the helpful choices for someone who travels by bus in Bangkok.

Dont’ worry about bus routes in Bkk #crdit-www.it24hrs.com/2015/bmta

 Since I came to Bangkok three years ago, my main method for travelling to university is just public transportation, particularly the bus. Traveling by bus is quite comfortable and cheap. Moreover, riding it can reduce CO2 emission. This causes directly to our better health and environment. Isn’t it enough for you to grab a bus to work?

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I heard some people don’t ride the bus because of the unpredictable schedule. I agree with it. But now I find a useful assistant, and I ensure that this will be helpful for you too. That’s cityglide.com.

It helps manage and predict a bus schedule. The founders set GPS on the participated buses and link it to our current location by Google Map. Thank you the founders. And I will give you more thanks if there are the GPS on all working buses.

The minor reason for denying the bus was not knowing the route. For this group, BMTA app can help you. After download, only put a destination name then just follow it. Is it easy?

To know bus schedule by citygilde.com #cridit-cityglide.com

We have supportive tools for riding a bus so far but not without limitations.

If we wait for a perfection, the beginning will never come. Let’s start a better world by giving it a try.

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