How Work from Home Help Your business



Remote working has been existed for many years since 2005.In USA, the numbers of remote working employee has increased 73% or around 3 millions people
(Jason Fried : 2015).

Remote working  got into people attention when an unknown website reported that Yahoo, the most successful company, hire remote employees from all over the world. It becomes a hot issue for discussion. Thousands of articles about work from home are currently published all over the world.


Why remote working?

Technology such as smartphone, tablet, laptop have made life more comfortable. It is not only smart but it is also time saving. Our generation do not just think about developing working skills, work-life balance is also very important for them. Their hobby, travelling, friends, family, health are as important as earning money. So, looking for the best jobs for work-life balance is what the people of this age desire. Don’t you think?

Pros of remote working

  • Save Time 

You don’t need to waste time travelling to the office. You can work from home or your favourite coffee shop. Moreover, you can work continually without an interruption of co-workers. They cannot bother you anymore. It is such a good time.

  • Save Money

Instead of buying expensive food that you don’t really like, you can design your meal, cooking your favourite food and save more money. In terms of owner, they don’t need to pay for office rental.

  • Get Flexible schedule 

You can work anytime you want and long as you want. People have their own different available time. Working in the period of your effective time, you tend to use your brain more effectively.

  • Use of Smart People Everywhere

It’s ridiculous to believe that you can find the brilliant only in the big city.
NOT in the digital age! Not every smart people live in the same city and in the main city too.


Working from home would be better for anyone who want to enjoy a lot of things indoor life. The only thing you need to concern is allocating your time appropriately, then you will enjoy of working from home.


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