Good Manners in Movie Theaters

by Metawee Jermkoh
December 8,2016

If you don’t want to be exposed, please be considerate in the movie theater.


Bad movie experiences in movie theater, shared on social media

Imagine you are watching a movie and beside you is someone who’s talk with friend all the time, Is it annoying? And if one day you unconsciously behave that way, what would their happen?

Bad movie experiences

There are many bad and annoying movie experiences in the theater that have been shared on the social network such as in the news’ website, Facebook or Pantip. One of the most popular news is a young couple having sex in the theater with school uniform and it was recorded on the CCTV. (S! News) The VDO clip went viral. It was the big topic that makes a girl in the VDO and her parent was ashamed.

Second is the story on Pantip about one man who was blamed from a woman that he is an insolence person because he was checking his Facebook while watching the movie. He didn’t think that he did something wrong. So he wrote his story on Pantip and many agreed that it was inappropriate.

Finally, The VDO clip which has been shared on Facebook. It’s about two women eating popcorn while they were honoring the king in Royal Anthem of Thailand; there is one man said that he want to hit these women’ head. After that, they argued and recorded the clip.

So what?

Those situations seem like funny and crazy but do you know? Those are very bad experience that impact other people and shows how many Thai people lack good manners.

Many people come to watch movies at theaters because they want relax. But if you are inconsiderate, you may do something to offend other people. So you will be a trouble maker!! Moreover, if we allow people to have sex, talk or use cell phones in the theater it may cause more social problems, such as teenager mom and social malfunction.

They aren’t rules but they are good manners!!

Just follow these 4 easy ways

1. Turn off your cell phone

use cell phone in the movie theater

It’s show time. Texting once or twice is tolerable, but don’t forget that your cell phone still has screen light that may bother other people.

2. Don’t talk while movie is playing

talk in the movie theater

It is not like the party and you are not the narrator, please be quite, don’t review the movie and talk to your friends because you will make other people annoyed.

3. Don’t make love

kiss in the movie theater

This is a theater, not a Motel and you are on the chair not in bed. Please don’t change the action movie to be erotic for other people around you. It may make them completely uncomfortable.

4. Don’t put your leg on someone else’s chair

put leg on other’s chair

Especially people in front of you, unless your feet are clean and smell like Victoria’s secret perfume. In addition, don’t kick other people’ chair. Many people want to relax and lay on their chair with comfortable; they don’t want to play rocking chair with you.

If you want to have better manners, don’t forget to download My Manner application on the App Store.

Now enjoy your movie!





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