How to Become Internet Famous

Story by Warunya.S 587
December 8, 2016
Many people want to become famous. What about you

Are you one of those?

Photo by : mrinvincibleseth


               Internet famous is someone who is popular on the internet, in another term you may know them as an internet celebrity. To be Internet famous, it is not easy. So let me tell you how to be in the spotlight!

How to be an internet famous

            First, you have to do something that inspire people. For example, dancing and showing your body so it could go viral and you will become the internet famous or doing whatever you think people will give you a like but not so smart.

           Wait! do you think these kinds of actions are good examples? Of course it’s not!! You shouldn’t do this to become popular. Don’t devalue yourself. Actually, does is really matter to be a famous on the internet while you are on one in real life? You know what?  You can be someone better and you can make the world better. All you have to do is good, be a good role model for you sister, brother, friends and everyone you know in real a world.

        For example you can just behave in a good way, picking up trash, helping elder cross the street, feeding stay dogs or cats, trying to think about other people and think about the world. Believe me, people around you will realize what you did and it will affect them little by little.

Good Example of the Internet Famous

Photo by : Vine @mafueng


            Mafueng, a Thai girl who become popular from Vine (an application). She is making a short funny video that a lot of people can related to, especially teenager. This is not what makes her a good internet celebrity. Mafueng inspires many young people to study hard (she got accept to study in one of the greatest university in Thailand)and do something creative.


Photo by : Sean Buranhiran Facebook page


            Sean  Buranahiran, if you don’t know him, he has a Facebook page with 500,000 followers. What he does is giving a speech to inspire people. He talked about how to do something good on social media or how to respect other people or even yourself and other stuffs. I don’t if this will happen to you or not but after listened to his speech. It gave me a goosebumps and realized something that I can do for myself and others.

          These are some good examples of good internet celebrity, there are many other good examples to follow, you have to decide yourself if they are good enough to follow.

          It’s ok if you still want to be famous on the intetnet but please remember that what you post will affect yourself. You have to be responsible for it and what you post will be there forever. If you do good, there must be someone seeing you as their hero and you will become your own hero.

Photo source : Memecenter

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