Keeping Your Rights by Getting Out to Vote

Written by: Podchanin Siriwuthiporn
Date: 9 December, 2016
Bangkok Thailand

Don’t appreciate the value of the rights in the day that we don’t have

When Thailand has no election, some people come out to call for their own rights. But when they have it, they chose to not use their rights.

pic01(1)- Thai citizens came out to vote on February 2, 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand.- 

The last US presidential election, there are many hot issues that happened on the social network such as Facebook and Twitter, but there is one text that catches the eyes “I’m envious of Americans, they can elect the leader by themselves.” It makes us think and aware of “don’t get out to vote problem”.  So, this is a motivation for us to establish this campaign to solve this problem.

pic02– Examples of some opinion on Twitter by using hashtag #เลือกตั้งสหรัฐ on US presidential election day. –

From statistics of The Office of The Election Commission of Thailand, general elections, 2014, there are people who get out to vote 47.72 percent which is less than half of all eligible voters and no vote 16.69 percent. It shows that Thais lack enthusiasm for getting out to vote and also do not care about this problem. Therefore, we will point out the importance of the rights that they still have.

Why is your vote so important?

The word “democracy” means “The people are great” the people have sovereignty and supremacy in their own country.

All 70 million people cannot govern the country by themselves. It is impossible!

So, it must have a representative who they choose in order to govern the country instead of them.

“The elections is like choosing someone to govern our country instead of us.”
pic03(2)-Voters including army soldiers queued to cast ballots at a polling station during voting in Thailand’s general election.-

Elections in Thailand

Today, Thai voters can be divided into three groups.

The first group, people will get out to vote for the political party that they love.
Second, people will get out to vote, but don’t know who to vote for. (No vote)
And the last group is people do not get out to vote.

Which group are you in?

____ be a part of the victory of the person that you choose. (First group)
____ be 1 vote that can change the country’s future. (First group)
____ be a shy person who not support a person that you love. (Second group)
____ be a heartless person who never loves anyone. (Second group)
____ be a lazy person who lies down on the couch and watches the election results on TV at home. (Third group)
____ be a workaholic who does not waste times even a minute for the others. (Third group)

“Please, choose the one who you want to be for Thailand that you would like it to be.”

Vote effectively

Just voting is not enough. This campaign does not only encourage people to vote, but we also encourage people to vote for a good person to walk in the government.

pic04(3)-A voter placed a ballot in a box during voting in Thailand’s general election.-

If you are Thai and over 18 years of age. Do not forget to get out to vote on Election Day, when you have rights and opportunity. This campaign not only helps you maintain your rights, but you can be a part of help to maintain the others rights too. JUST ONE CLICK TO SHARE OUR CAMPAIGN!     



You can read it more here !


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