Save them or Kill them

Written By Sirichai Jaruwattanadilok


Thailand, Bangkok

Let’s solve strayed animal’s problem

Taking care of strayed animal like dogs or cats is one of most important problem which the society should pay attention to. In many developed countries such as America and Japan, they have an organization for strayed animal, and they have shelters for them to keep and let people who can take them home or to decide to give them death when no one wants to adopt. (


In Thailand, this is one of the biggest problems in the society. When many cat or dog owners do not want to adopt it, they will release them to temple or bring them somewhere their pet cannot return to their home. Furthermore, someone does not pay attention in adopting it. Although Animal Protection Act has already been approved, it is not enough to solve the problem.


I heard the act is not effective enough because law enforcement is loose. That is why we need to campaign to establish an organization or foundation

which has an authority to control and solve this problem seriously.  This organization will catch all of straayed dog and cat to its shelter to cage them. Later, they will announce to people who can adopt these dogs and cat. If nobody want to take them, they will be injected with deadly poison to death.

Stray Golden Retrievers Taken to Animal Shelter (

Finally, this method may not be the best because it is unethical. For example, killing a creature is a sin. These things are obstructive for this solution. I hope many people will agree with me.



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