How to Get Away with ‘Social Network Bullying’ : MURDER

Story By :Watcharapol Volk Pangsa

How to Get Away with Murder


Have you ever seen a dead person talk?

Photo by : Bettersocial

  1. Carving a name on GRAVESTONE
  2. Nailed COFFIN down on dead person
  3. BURY the victim

I Know you did last summer!!!, whatever you’ve done, your activities  on social media always catch on with Internet User who watches you like a hawk.

       Many people are condemned by Internet users. On 24 December 2014;                     Jirawut Limpranartpaisarn who was condemned to Psychosis from only one photo on social media that was killed with over 40,000 comments on Facebook in just 24 hours.   The Murder was shared a video clip along with a photo, in order to curse this guy who has a hole in one of his shoes. The hole was from helping someone fix an air-conditioning unit, it made him died forever; just the only sentence “Beware! Hidden Camera on BTS.”  Jirawut couldn’t eat and sleep, he was extremely stressed out until wouldn’t even leave the house. After this situation, his life turned upside down – “I wouldn’t know how I can felt good back again”, desperately man said (Cr. BETTERSOCIAL). In fact, it’s all in your head; you create and construct that reality yourself, regardless of other people.

If social media is like a society, it surely would have a Leader and a Follower including a person who is well-known and pays no attention. Many people use social media to make themselves more appealing and acceptable. These behaviors are similar to carving a name on Billboard, but the billboard that is GRAVESTONE.


(PHOTO BY BETTERSOCIAL) Jirawut Limpranartpaisarn – who was condemned to Psychosis from only one photo on social media.

Have you ever seen a dead person talk?

These people are assaulted in the virtual world, either intentional or unintentional. The effect would be more harmful than you think. Moreover, at the present time, taking a photograph of a condemned on social media is always found in your feed. Therefore, every single word, every single post will be broadcasted on a worldwide website. All criticism what you have seen, just only one sentence is without considering, and that mean is nailed COFFIN down on a dead person. You could comment jokingly, in order to be in the crowd with slander of people. Whether it is true or not, they are still suffering, literally “dead inside”. #BETTERSOCIAL

Have you ever killed anyone?  Are you sure that you never did it before!

Let’s take a deep breath and think about the comment on social media. You should be more mindful about what you post; otherwise, you may have to be a serial killer behind the screen. Would you choose to BURY the victim into a grave or your bad behavior, Make a choice?

            TRY TO THINK ABOUT THAT…      




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