The Killer Selfie

Don’t let it be the last photo you take.

By Panattha Sapimon -567-
December 8, 2016
Bangkok, Thailand
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Smiling young woman taking selfie picture in the car
Many young drivers tend to taking  a photo while driving.
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  People are increasingly taking a selfie while driving and sharing it online. It is one reason that causes car crash. Despite it is obviously risky and illegal, many drivers are still taking a selfie while behind the wheel. And that can cause a seriously accident on a road.

 “The happy song makes me HAPPY.”

The last photo’s caption of the American woman on her Facebook. She was taking a selfie caused the hard accident with her car and the truck. Unfortunately, the truck’s driver was the only one who survived. The police said that her last photo was posted at 08.33 AM. And the accident was reported at 8.34 AM. Did you see that in just a second it can end your life?


A grave accident cause by drivingselfie
Photo source : (

The research by shows that 1 in 4 motorists aged 18-24 used to take a selfie while driving. Don’t you know that taking your eye on selfie just 14 second while driving 100 km/hour, the car will move forward around 500 km?  Then it can be a fatal result. The research also show Twitter over a 30 day period and found 287 tweets were tagged with hashtag #drivingselfie #drivingselfies #HopeIDontCrash and Instagram shows a trend hashtag like these too.


From the fatal accident above, it shows clearly that the problem of taking a selfie while behind the wheel is a big problem for many young drivers. Actually, it should be a common sense to be not take a selfie and drive at the same time. All drivers should have the responsibilities of using mobile phone. Although mobile phone is the thing that can entertain you, But taking selfie while driving is not the proper activities. Please remember that when you are driving, don’t use your cell phone even for a call, chat or selfie.


Celebrities such as Miley post their own driving ‘selfies’ on social media too.

The best way to avoid a tragic story is very simple thing and easy to follow : keep your eyes on the road and put the phone down no matter how confident you have in your driving ability.

Photo source :(

“Bear in mind that it is not only for your own life but also for others’ life.”


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