What Will Happen If 7-Eleven Has a Library?

By Supaporn Padma

December 8, 2016

It is amazing for people who love reading, you can read or borrow many books without payment at 7-Eleven.


A famous store you’ll find a broad selection of high-quality products

           “7-Eleven” is the most popular retail stores. There are many branches in all areas of Thailand. We can see it everywhere. We can say that it is easy to find this shop more than a police station or a post office. The prominent point of 7-Eleven is they sell many kinds of foods and drinks and when you’re hungry, you always buy food or snack in 7-Eleven like slogan “if you’re hungry, you go to 7-Eleven”. However what will happen if 7-Eleven offers not just food and drinks, but it’s become the learning center that has the books zone in 7-Eleven like the library for people who love reading.


A library for people to read or borrow, usually without payment

            I believe that everyone loves and is crazy about reading a book whether it be fiction, textbook, or magazine and so on, but you don’t want to waste money to buy the books because some book is very expensive and some people inconvenient to commute to the library in Bangkok.

            It’s time for people who love reading. The book center located in 7-Eleven and near your house. You can feel comfortable and happy to rent a book free just apply for membership card, you can rent five books for a weeks. Moreover, every time you rent a book you will get the points that can use for discount on all goods in 7-Eleven or pay a special price.

            Ideally, 7-Eleven will not just be a popular shop but it will also be the perfect library too. I think we may have to change the slogan to “if you’re hungry and want to be brainy, you go to 7-Eleven”.

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