Your Voice Ask For Help & Animal Protection Law

Thailand has faced to the problems of stray animals, and animal cruelty more severe and more then we need to be a mouthpiece to ask for the Animal Protection Law, and help them as much as we can do.

When you hurt or abandon an animal, and when they are sick or in pain, they feel sad and suffer like human but the difference is they cannot speak. Then they need a mouthpiece to speak for them.

The Voice Foundation is a foundation founded to help making animals’ life better.

Our story

In 2011, Thailand flood left a lot of animals with difficulty including hurt, and abandoned animals. Miss Chollada Mekratri founder of the Voice Foundation decided to found this foundation to help them.

Because animals cannot speak then we are their voice

said Miss Chollada


Credit IG: Thevoicefoundation

What we do

We have four main missions:

  1. Treatment for sick or hurt animals because we want all life treated, even with 1% chance.
  2. Vaccination for stray animals e.g. rabies, distemper, intestine, etc., because if they do not get the vaccine, it means their death rate is higher.
  3. Centre for stray animals at Suphanburi province.
  4. ‘Animal Protection Law’ campaign for saving their life and rights.


Credit IG: Thevoicefoundation

How we work

Our foundation has no permanent employees but we have volunteers and medical volunteers, they work without getting paid.

Every month, we have expenses between 500,000 – 600,000 baht, and it getting higher ever year.

Your 30 baht can give them a chance to have food for one day per one life, and your 200 baht can change to their vaccine for 1 year

said Miss Chollada



Credit IG: Thevoicefoundation

We would like to invite you to donate to help save animals, and sign a listing for Animal Protection Law. If we have Animal Protection Law and donation, we can help them, and give them a new life.

Your voice can change their life and your money can make them survive. They are not animals, not food nor victim. They are friends, and they love you.



Name: Waratchayaporn  Intarug

Student ID: 56101010586

Facebook: Bee Jijipipi

Instagram: wrtbee


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