Do Not Be Victims of Online Predators

         If you post everything in social media, it turns into your nightmare.

BY Panaporn Chatchavalchotikul  566
December 9, 2016
Bangkok ,Thailand
Are you controlling it or is it controlling you?

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         Nowadays, the internet is one of the most important things for everyone. As soon as we get up every morning we always grab our phone for chatting with someone, checking news feed on Facebook, and sharing something online instead of getting out of the bed. Most people take a photo and share the picture before eating. Some people will share their ideas, opinion, and clip with their friends. Not surprisingly, almost everyone share too much information that they find online to other people on Facebook. However, sometimes we do not think carefully before we share. We may hurt ourselves or other’s feelings.  So, carelessly sharing is like a weapon to harm ourselves or someone else.

Victim of online predators

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             Recently, CNN discusses the risks of updating your Facebook status. No one know as much as Keri McMullen, from New Albany, Indiana. After she posted innocently her status that she was going to see a band with her fiancé, it allowed the burglars to know when they could break into her home. Luckily, this situation was caught by the camera in her home. Finally, she found that one of them look like someone who had recently added friend of her on Facebook. Even though you may have a friend online and you may see their face from picture, it does not really mean that all of them are real friends. So how can you trust them? Is it the time to use internet wisely?

How to share consciously

First, you have to consider the source of information that you find on the internet. Maybe some information is just a rumor. Second, you have to realize that everyone can see the information that you share on the web. When you feel angry and share bad opinion for your company or boss, some colleague can see it and tell your boss later. Third, you have to realize that you are what you share. Some woman post their video while they are dancing seductively and showing her chest. I believe that most people think she is an easy woman even if she is not like that.

Remember that what you share online can influence your real world reputation. It can impact on a lot of people also. That’s the reason why you have to think before you share.

Think seriously, before you post

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