Experience that Changed My Life

  Story by : Mallika Kaewhan  578
9 December 2016

          No one can deny that education has increasingly played an important role for developing a country. In Thailand, more than 2,500 schools have still lack opportunity. One of these schools is Bannongkhamnadi School.


          Bannongkhamnadi School is located in Khaengsnamnang district, 100 km from Nakhonratchasima downtown and around 410 km from Bangkok metropolis. This school is a small elementary school but it is the biggest in the district with 383 students and 10 teachers.

          When I was young, I went to this school. I had many problems for over 6 years  for instance, one teacher has to teach many subjects so they has no time to prepare student; I hardly learned anything and I wasted so much time with school activities. After I graduated from this school, I couldn’t  write even an easy word like English, School or Table.



          I tried to teach them as much as I could. The more they got better, the more I was happy. Every day they met me and their friends. Those students would say greeting in English with a good accent and also can write English better. I was so proud of them.

          In January 2016, I went back to my hometown and I ran into my elementary school teacher. She told me about the lack of English teacher and she asked me to be a teacher. Sure, I said yes because I do not want those students to not learn like I did.

          The last day I taught, many students told me that they were so happy to learn English with me. They never had this opportunity because the school had no English teacher and they would like to be a teacher in homeland like me.It made me so happy.

          Nowadays, when I have time, I will go teach at this school. Other teacher told me that many students have a better skill in English. I believe that the thing I do will be beneficial for Thailand education.


          Would you like to be an important part to give student a chance to learn? If you got good opportunities in studying, give it back to the society, at least in your homeland that have less chance. Although it was small part, I believe that it is one that will help our country progress.

Let’s pay back to our beloved homeland.


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