From Worthless to Worthy

Why is garbage needed?  Instead, get rid of them. Now garbage is not just garbage anymore.

                                                                                        By Benyapha Watthakowit -565-

December 9,2016


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        People lying in 7 Days worth of their garbage

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                 Garbage is one of the biggest problems in many countries. But why? While other countries get rid of them, Sweden needs them because they change them into electricity.
But now they run out of garbage and have to import them from European neighbors. That’s why garbage is valuable.


                     Sweden wants your garbage for energy

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                        Although Thailand has waste incineration plants, this problem still remains.  What can we do?  And how can we turn them into useful things?  It’s time to change the world and relieve the garbage overflow and finally become worthy again. How to solve this problem and get rid of them? I call it “HCTW.

What is HCTW?

  business-ideas-290x300.jpg              If you want to solve garbage problem, do you know about garbage well enough? The first word is “Hello”. It means you have to know the meaning of it. Garbage is unwanted and useless thing so the next step is “Check” yourself. Are you extravagant? Do you use up things before buy a new one or throw it?  Or you buy unnecessary thing such as clothes, mobile phones, cosmetics etc.   This is a cause that leads to garbage overflow. Accordingly, check you daily routine and change yourself. There are many things that can use in long-term and it can be fixed instead of buying a new one.

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                     The third word is “Think over”. Before you put something into the trash can, think over and try to find some use of them, whether it can be reused such as paper, bottle, plastic, and cloth. You can adapt it to appliance or create it to home decoration. For example, you can adapt some bottle into a beautiful vase by cutting and painting it. And use some paper from magazines or brochures to beautify it .If you think it cannot be used anymore, do not hesitate to throw them to the trash can but you have to do it wisely. This is the best way that you didn’t need to get rid of garbage but you turned them into useful thing.


Trash into fashionable outfits 

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                     “Waste segregation” by using color coded bins is a simple way to reduce waste and pollution. When the waste is not separated properly, it leads to less recycling because it is not easy to remove materials for recycling. This means many resources are wasted. First step, start segregating the waste in your own house now and take two separate bins. One will have all the wet waste and the other will have all the dry waste. Initially, begin segregation in your kitchen. After that, treat all the other waste from the rest of the house as dry waste.


                                                               Trash bin for waste segregation

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                 Finally, think before you trash. Not only we will know the worthy of garbage but also we can get rid of them wisely. “HCTW” will help you appreciate something worthless and it is just basic steps that you can do easily by yourself.


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