Garbage Bin Mascots to Come

By Pitchaon Kraiwong

Learning how to produce less waste by waste segregation with our garbage bin mascots

Overflowing garbage problem causes pollution over the world. It makes trouble more than you think; the article from “We Green USA” (a non-profit group take action in reducing carbon footprint, greenhouse gases and environmental pollution) shows about reduced height among children who live near Love Canal, the chemical waste dump near Niagara Falls. It also shows that people living close to landfills suffer from lung and heart diseases from the toxic gasses that are released from the landfill degradation. However, there is a way to handle this problem and most important thing is everyone can do it; it calls waste segregation.


          “Children and babies were the most at risk for health effects from chemical exposure” source

According to the research about solid waste segregation in Manila, more than 40% households indicated that waste segregation is useless because garbage collectors dumped all the waste into the same truck. That is a big misunderstanding. Actually when we segregate the garbage, the amount of garbage that should be disposed is less. There is some garbage that can be transformed to something else (as we know the word as recycling.)

Waste segregation is an easy way to handle the overflowing garbage but I think someone doesn’t know which trash should be put in which bin. So, I create a campaign how to put the right trash in the right bin. The way we do this campaign is standing in front of the MRT and BTS wearing garbage bin mascots; a red one for danger trash, a blue one for plastic, a green one for wet waste, and a yellow one for dry materials.

“the examples of garbage bin mascots project”

When people walk by, they will see our mascots with a garbage bag in their hands. And I believe those people will put their trash into our mascots. Moreover we will give a leaflet to everyone to learn more information about this campaign. Well, everyone can reduce the amount of waste easily. Just segregate them!

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