And the award goes to…

By Nattaya Piriyawiboon


Each and every one of you has done an amazing job and I had such a hard time grading since you all deserve an A. You should be proud of yourself!

Some stories touched my heart more profoundly than other and deserve to be mentioned. So here I present you “Best Features Awards” or “Nattaya’s Choice Awards”.

Here are the winners:

The most inspiring feature award goes to Mallika Kaewhan

Comment: Mallika’s story is touching because it is about her first-hand experience, how she was affected by the poor education in her own school and what action she took to make a change. I feel like her story should be made into a movie. I have tears when I read it. Such a moving inspiration!

The most passionate feature award goes to Prisana Nakarawarakul

Comment: Prisana never fails to impress me with her writing talent. She wrote this feature with passion for pets. We can feel her genuine concern towards these poor animals and I’m sure most people didn’t even realize how dangerous birth control is for pets. I know that this feature has affected me in so many ways. Way to go Prizzy! Keep writing!

The most creative feature award goes to Supaporn Padma

Comment: As Einstein puts it “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. You can really change the world with your imagination and Supaporn really did a good job in creating something that has a potential to make an impact to the society. By connecting two totally unrelated things and combining them together, you get a 7-eleven that has a library in it. Imagine 24-hour access of books. How cool would that be? I wish CP executives see this story and make it happen!

Congratulations to the winners!

For all of you, don’t give up in whatever you are doing! Remember: “You are awesome!!!”

Don’t ever let anyone make you think otherwise.

With Love,





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